Fairtrade becomes Fairmined. In 2018 I became an officially registered Fairtrade goldsmith, as from now I am an officially licensed Fairmined goldsmith, so you now can order my jewellery in Fairmined gold.

The jewellery in my collection is almost exclusive created from recycled gold. The old gold you bring in is purified and reprocessed in my workshop to 18 kt.
The silver I use has the ‘Good Delivery’ Status and is RJC certified.
The Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) is an international association of companies within the gold and gemstone sector. The association was founded in 2005 to define standards for a responsible delivery chain from the mines up to the jewellery boutiques. The members are engaged to comply with the following focus points of the RJC Code of Practice: company ethics, human rights, environmental responsibility, social responsibility. Read more on www.responsiblejewellery.com.

The diamonds and gemstones I work with are conflict free. They comply with the UN rules and are certified according to the KPCS, Kimberly Process Certification Scheme, which concerns the fight against conflict diamonds.
In addition, I can use recycled, antique and fair diamonds in the jewellery I design for you.

And the pearls I use are cultivated in a good ecological environment, to avoid destruction of mussels and nature.

I honestly care about the planet we live on.  A lot!

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