Marie-Bénédicte de SchryverPlease, let me introduce myself, I’m Marie-Bénédicte de Schryver, jewellery designer in heart and soul. As a child I grew up in an artistic family and very early came in contact with art and later with design.
Soon making jewellery evolved into a passion. From design to realisation, it all happens in my workshop in Ghent. At the Sint-Lucas Pavilion in Antwerp, where I graduated in 1995 magna cum laude, I learned the craftsmanship.

In 2005, my dream came true with the opening of my own jewellery gallery in a stately building that I have renovated with care and attention to detail in the neighbourhood of the Arts District of Ghent.
In 2012 another dream came true, the birth of my son Amadeo which adds an extra dimension to my life and my jewellery design.

2015 was a real jubilee year, not only did I celebrate my 20th anniversary as a jewellery designer, my gallery Jewellerydesign Marie-Bénédicte blowed out 10 candles. To celebrate this jubilee you can enjoy a selection of my most beautiful jewel creations on

In 1996 I was selected by Design Vlaanderen (Flanders DC), in 2013 if I received the prestigious HIB label and in June 2017 I was recognized as craftsman by FPS economy.
Marie-Bénédicte Jewellerydesign is part of #ikkoopbelgisch / #ibuybelgian.

Wedding rings & engagement rings, bespoke commissions, own jewellery collections

The gallery is open by appointment every day between 10h00 and 18h00 (except on Sundays and Wednesday afternoon)

– 23 years of passion & professional expertise in jewellery design –